We wouldn’t that happening to you or to me.  So this week, while I am guest-blogging at Overlawyered, I will probably not have all that much to say that’s new over here.

I can, however, recommend some fine, very recent Overlawyered posts that are topical to this blog.  These two are by me:

  • Paulie Unsaturated:  About the silly trademark lawsuit between one Paulie and another Paulie.  One of them is on a TV show.  The New York Post, meanwhile, is utterly confused by the whole intellectual property concept.  Or concepts. Hilarity ensues.
  • Assigned Counsel:  The latest revolting developments in the Righthaven lawsuits.
These two aren’t by me, but should have been LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® posts themselves, and perhaps someday they will be:
    • Vintage Sound Recordings:  Many such finds are lost in a copyright maze, applying American copyright rules that “infuriate scholars, archivists, musicians and the conservationists who preserve fragile recordings. They fret that by the time the recordings become available, many will be beyond salvation.

Edison's improved phonograph

  • Annals of Criminalization: “The Senate Judiciary Committee has unanimously approved S. 978, a bill that would raise from a misdemeanor to a felony the unauthorized performance or streaming of a copyrighted work when the infringement takes place at least ten times and either reaps $2,500 or more in revenue, or avoids the payment of license fees whose fair market value would exceed $5,000.”  Walter links to two dissenting opinions about whether this is such a bad thing or not.

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