So .su me, comrade

Bolshevism is still alive and well on the Internet, and not only at Daily Kos. The “.su” country code assigned to the Soviet Union by ICANN is still meeting quotas and pumping out five-year plans, evidently. Naturally popular websites that utilize it aren’t crazy about giving it up. They may as well keep using it. It will probably come in handy one day. Read more

Using personal email for business purposes

It’s not usually a great idea to use your personal email account for business purposes. Sometimes you’re stuck — you can’t get access to your work account, or that account is down, or has limitations that your personal account doesn’t. But besides the “branding” and professionalism downside to sending a client a draft for review from “[email protected],” there is a risk you may not have thought of at all: As explained in a New York... Read more

Online pharmacy busted

Did you ever wonder why, or how, people — people who generate a lot of spam emails — are able to sell prescription drugs on line to just about anyone? I have. But I am just a simple country lawyer. Well, it turns out they’re not allowed to at all: Eighteen people have been indicted in California on racketeering and other charges for operating an Internet business that illegally sold prescription drugs, the U.S. Justice... Read more