The bong tolls for thee

Andy Carvin analyzes the Supreme Court’s decision, announced today, on the “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” case. Hat tip to Boing Boing. Justice Roberts, writing for himself in a patchwork of majority opinions, wrote, “A principal may, consistent with the First Amendment, restrict student speech at a school event, when that speech is reasonably viewed as promoting illegal drug use.” Justice Thomas took the LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION position — alas, sub silientio — and asked, What... Read more

Blogger booted from press box; world does not end

KnoxNews, via Instapundit: This is one of the most ignorant moves by officials that I’ve seen in a while. It will be quite entertaining to watch the Kentucky blogosphere on this one, and to watch the officials go down in flames. Geez. This is a wild one. If you see updates or other posts, please put them in my comments. This is an issue I’d like to dog. (And this means I’ve officially moved on... Read more

How not to build a brand

Reuters: Animated footage promoting the logo for the 2012 London Olympic Gameswas removed from the organizers’ Web site on Tuesday amid concern it could trigger epileptic fits. . . . Critics of the emblem have described it as “hideous,” while organizers called it powerful and modern. The clip’s removal follows comments by Professor Graham Harding, an expert in clinical neuro-physiology who developed a test used to measure photo-sensitivity levels in animated TV material. “The logo... Read more

One cease and desist letter I won’t be sending

The AP reports that Disney could have some IP issues in a jurisdiction where, regrettably, I am not licensed to practice. Or to breathe: Hamas militants have suspended a TV program that featured a Mickey Mouse lookalike urging Palestinian children to fight Israel and work for global Islamic domination, the Palestinian information minister said Wednesday. . . . The character, named “Farfour,” or “butterfly,” but unmistakably a copy of the Disney character, preached against the... Read more

IP creep by the IP creeps

The record industry moves in yet another way toward getting the law to treat your music purchase as a music license (via BoingBoing), writes Ken Fisher: New “pawn shop” laws are springing up across the United States that will make selling your used CDs at the local record shop something akin to getting arrested. No, you won’t spend any time in jail, but you’ll certainly feel like a criminal once the local record shop makes... Read more

Big T presents

Trebor Lloyd introduces copyright law for non-lawyers. A little breezy, yes, but far be it from me to criticize a man for that. I like his writing presentation and his smile. He’s the founder of a record company, I think, is Trebor Lloyd — perhaps it is City Canyon Records, even. Here, look: Trebor Lloyd, founder and CEO of City Canyons Records, is a New York based attorney with over a dozen years experience in... Read more

Likelihood of extrusion

I posted this last year.  Change the dates and it still works great! Just as I started hitting some kind of [blogging] pace, I’ve been hit by pre-Passover preparations, plus the need to front-load my law practice to make up for the fact that we’ll be closed Tuesday and Wednesday and essentially on mission-critical-only duty for most of the rest of the week, too. Here’s a nice thought on the topic, appropos for our blogging... Read more