This page is adjunct to this blog post, which explains its purpose.  Female participants are indicated by bold.

  1. What’s the Use? Exploring Recent Challenges and Changes to Common Law Unfair Competition and Trademark Use Requirements in the U.S. and Canada

Barcelona, Spain

May 21, 2017

International Trademark Association

With Lorraine Fleck | Moderated by Joel MacMull

  1. Trademark Disparagement and the First Amendment, McCarthy Institute and Microsoft Corporation Symposium: Trademark Law and Its Challenges

Seattle, WA

February 17, 2017

University of San Francisco School of Law

With Tom McCarthy | Lorelei Ritchie | Makalika Naholowaa | Stephen Coates | Moderated by Marc Levy

  1. Litigating a Brand: The Dual Perspective of In-House and Outside Counsel, Annual Fashion Law Seminar

New York, NY

February 11, 2017

Federal Bar Association

With Rita Odin | John Welch | Moderated by Olivera Medenica

  1. How to Develop a Reputation for Thought Leadership Using Social Media

Minneapolis, MN

February 16, 2016

Minnesota CLE

With Aaron Keller | Shayla Stern | Seth Leventhal | Moderated by Steve Baird


  1. Hot Topics in Trademark Law, Trademark Talk Symposium

New York, NY

May 20, 2014

Association of the Bar of the City of New York

With Eric Prager

  1. Addressing the Efficacy of §2(a) of the Lanham Act – Annual Federal Circuit Symposium

Washington, DC

April 11, 2014

American University Washington College of Law

Two panels, both moderated by Pamela M. Dees:

Panel one (mine): With Michael Bressman | Boudlas Rettew | James Bikoff

Panel two: Christine Haight Farley | Sarah Hinchliffe | Linda Kuczma | Michael A. Grow

  1. Trademarks, Goodwill and Free Speech: Does the First Amendment Give You the Right to Create a Trademark and Associated Goodwill, and Where Does That Right End?

Wilmington, DE

October 24, 2013

American Intellectual Property Law Association

Paul Alan Levy | Christine Haight Farley | Tony Zeuli

  1. Labeling Yourself: The DOs and DON’Ts of Fashion Lawyers’ Advertising

New York, NY

October 24, 2012

Fashion Law Institute

With Bernice K. Leber | Theodore C. Max | Moderated by Jeff Trexler

  1. Making Station Branding Bulletproof – Trademarks and How to Use Them

Hartford, CT

October 17, 2011

Connecticut Broadcasters Association

With Fred A. Polner | Dan Pomroy | Moderator:  Kathy Browne

  1. Keying Up Key Words: The Role of IP in Keyword Searching

New York, NY

May 7, 2010

American Intellectual Property Law Association

Scott Bain | Stacey L. Dogan | Moderator: Barbara Fiacco