Some people don’t want their websites archived. Some people even find it a suing matter. Evan Brown reports on the progress of a lawsuit against the wonderful Wayback Machine, i.e., Internet Archive. He says, “Internet Archive filed a 12(b)(6) motion to dismiss the conversion, civil theft, breach of contract and racketeering claims. The court dismissed all but the breach of contract claim.” I think, based on his report, what has been dismissed — a lot — is more significant than what is proceeding to trial.

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One thought on “Payback Machine?”
  1. Well, yeah, that which was dismissed was pretty significant, but remember the copyright infringement claim is proceeding, which is obviously a big one in this case. But that wasn’t part of the motion to dismiss. The breach of contract claim is moving forward as well, and that survived the motion. The conversion, civil theft and racketeering claims were obviously merit-challenged from the beginning.

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