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The Atlantic Online features an article by Bejamin Wittes bellyaching about the quality of the U.S. Supreme Court’s rationalization of its all-powerful rule over the world’s most powerful nation:

But what’s most striking is a basic unhappiness with the Court’s quality and integrity — a sense from the left, right, and center alike that the Court blithely ignores its own principles and precedents when they’re inconvenient; rules on matters not properly before it to reach the result the majority seeks; misstates facts; and issues shoddy opinions that give insufficient guidance to the lower courts. In short, the justices routinely behave in a manner they would never tolerate from the judges whose opinions they review.

None of us in active practice would dare write about what happens down here on earth, of course (i.e., in the lower courts) but joining in on slamming the Olympians is fair game. He’s right.

UPDATE: I said Olympians, not Olympics, okay? Okay?!

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