Pleas entered for illegal trafficking of Coke®; plus Ice

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The bad people who tried to peddle internal Coca-Cola trade secrets, including samples of a new drink, to Pepsi — only to have Pepsi turn them in — have pleaded guilty to their manifestly stupid actions, according to the Daily Dose of IP Blog by Ice MillerSM attorney Mark Reichel. Hat tip to John Welch for the link to Mark’s blog, which appears comprehensive to say the least. I know I will lift something from there again.  [Nope.  No posts since April 2010.  And he’s gone from Ice Miller.  — RDC]

“Ice MillerSM“? Yeah, it must have seemed like a good idea at the time. They actually were using this on their stationery — some “branding” concept; all the rage five to ten years ago in law firm marketing — until they stopped some time in early 2005. (Let’s just say I have an extensive collection of their stationery.) They’re damned serious lawyers and decided to go back to looking like it.

You can’t blame them entirely; it’s not as if trademarky things don’t happen with law firm names — they do. But when your firm name already sounds like an adult beverage, you may want to keep the branding part a little more subdued.

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