Power Line: Mary Mapes is a Year Late, and Way Short on Logic

The Powerline blog, appropriately, undertakes the definitive (if only preliminary) deconstruction and rebuttal of journalistic fraud Mary Mapes’s new revisionist history on the topic of last summer’s Dan Rather “fake but accurate” moment.

It was a signal moment for all of us


UPDATE: Wow, everyone’s getting in on the nostalgia act! Says James Taranto:

‘Fake but Accurate’ Redux

The Washington Times’ Jennifer Harper ends a report on media Katrina missteps with a lovely quote:

The chaos in the wake of Katrina seemed to affect some reporters and editors, says Kelly McBride, who teaches ethics at the Poynter Institute, a journalism research and education center in St. Petersburg, Fla.

“You get so hung up as a reporter on what the big picture is that you use generalizations that become untrue.”

Meanwhile, Dan Rather stands by his story.

Ah, memories….Fake but Accurate!

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  1. […] I am sure it was accurate, in some Ratherian sense … but it was fake, and the blogsphere did brilliantly what it does best: Caught it and called the fakers out.Kudos of a sort to Reuters for, unlike Dan and the People’s Commissariat of Propaganda at CBS, admitting the undeniable. Yes, that’s what we’re grateful for these days. Considering that outfit’s very checkered past, let’s not take small miracles for granted. […]

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