Now that’s a mouthful, eh?  Yes, that is one ba-a-a-ad phrase to have handy for your next trademarks-and-branding over pigs-in-blankets soirée!

Oh… you don’t… know what private label store branding OTC architecture means?  (Cough.)  Excuse me, um, I think I just saw my friend come in — hey, look, they brought out new canapés! — catch you later, okay?

Duets Blog logoYeah.  I just read itfor the first time, too,  via this (warning:  Multilayered social networking ahead) LinkedIn discussion in the International Trademark Association group, where I wasn’t the only dummy who had never heard of it — but now I’m glad I did!  It’s explained in this post at The Duets Blog which actually deals with one of my favorite topics, “store brands” or private labels.

Well, I always wanted to know more about the issues involved in private branding, which bring out the best in me — and now I do!  Plus I know that very cool sounding phrase . . .  whatchamacallit.Mark Prus


Great post by Mark Prus of naming consultant NameFlash.

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