PTO invents perpetual spam machine

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Patently-O publishes a rather ambitious patent application that could actually make that mainstay of PTO rejection fodder, perpetual motion machines, look quite reasonable: “Chris Roller wants exclusive right to the ethical use and financial gain in the use of godly powers on planet Earth.” As Dennis Crouch asks, “why [has] the PTO classified this application as an optical amplifier in Class 359?” Good question — after all, it would probably have had a real shot as a business process patent.

Now that’s what actually bothers to be put together into an actual patent application. Usually, of course, compositions of this nature just end up in your spam filter. Just wait, though, until the PTO opens up its website (per the Washington Post — registration required) to a worldwide collection of cranks and mouth-breathers for comments on patent applications. Is there enough server space on God’s green earth?

Oh, yeah — pff! Stupid question. I should just ask Chris Roller!

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