Reality is stranger than… something

The horror.

Larry Zerner does it again with his uniquely unique (if too infrequent — that’s a free tip, Larry) content.  This time it’s an article called, “5 Horrible Provisions You Might Find In A Reality Show Contract.”  A perfectly pleasant explanation, followed by a horrible example:

For those people who hear the siren’s song beckoning them to a reality show, I would caution them to be very careful.  Especially if you are already pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, there are many provisions in the reality show contract which can hinder your career, make your life miserable, or both.  Reality television show producers realize that so many people are desperate for a chance to be on television, they can make the contract completely lopsided. . . .

The reality show contract . . . contains a provision that allows the producers to present you in any way they want, even if it is completely untruthful, and you cannot sue them for that.  In theory, if the producer wants to edit the footage to make it look like you are a racist psychopath who gets his greatest pleasure from killing babies and raping nuns, they can do so, and there is nothing you can do about it.  So if you think that your appearance on the program will make you look good, keep in mind that you don’t control the footage, the producer does.

Which would explain why, from what I gather (I’ve never watched a reality show), no one really looks particularly good on a reality show.

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