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The_Pey writes “Recently, an application was pulled from the Apple App Store because of its name. The game in question, Edge, reportedly infringes on the the trademark rights of Tim Langdell to the name Edge. The unfortunate aspect to this whole affair is that Tim is broadly enforcing rights to the name, whether or not he has actually created a game entitled Edge. Much of the history of the trademark ownership is being reported in Tim’s wikipedia entry by a user “cheridavis” who bears a lot of similarity namewise to Tim’s wife, Cheri Davis Langdell.

Well, there they go again.  (Via Ed.)   Believe me, I never even touch my own Wikipedia entry — and this despite the fact that there’s not a word of truth about me in it. But patching together an ersatz trademark wickstory?  Bad form, unless, of course, Cheri Davis Langdell is telling the truth, in which case, what the heck?  As Hillel said, If I am not for myself, who will be for me?

Assuming, of course, that she is “me.”  She, that is.  Is really Cheri Davis.

Langdell, that is.

And, anyway, if she’s fibbing, well, at least she’s signing her name to it, and is prepared to account for herself, presumably. That certainly beats, to my mind, doing the same thing but doing anonymously.

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  1. The Leo Stoller Truth Serum Blog is dedicated to exposing the REAL Leo Stoller, who is not an attorney and whose judicial abuse and ethical misconduct has been meticulously documented by the courts. In reality–a place Leo Stoller rarely visits– the courts have noted that “Leo Stoller’s lack of credibility is a matter of public record.”


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