Reuters reports:

A parental advice Internet site has sued Google Inc., charging it unfairly deprived the company of customers by downgrading its search-result ranking without reason or warning.

It’s possible that Google determined this company was gaming the system. It’s possible that someone at Google was punishing them for who knows what. But this doesn’t help:

KinderStart contends that once a company has been penalized, it is difficult to contact Google to regain good standing and impossible to get a report on whether or why the search leader took such action.

The technology area is unique in that a company can, on the strength of a great product like Google, rise out of nowhere to become a dominant power not only in its sector but across the entire economy. But the flip side is that while companies like Google and Microsoft can service millions, even billions of people, they can’t possibly keep up develop, nurture or respond to customer relationships the way brick and mortar companies must. Of course, Google could rebut this accusation; we have only one side talking here. We’ll be listening for the other.

UPDATE: A blogger (Blogger, that is) angle implicating more of the same — blowing off customers (yes, they’re customers even if they don’t pay) without explanation. Hat tip to Desert Light Journal.

UPDATE:  Some interesting skepticism.

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