Righthaven – Media Bloggers Association files amicus brief

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I’ve written a little bit about the Righthaven lawsuits before.  Now, as reported in the Las Vegas Sun, on behalf of the Media Bloggers Association I’ve helped write something that could matter, namely this amicus brief, the laboring oar of which was manned by Marc Randazza and J. Malcolm DeVoy out of Randazza’s shop:

The focus is on the propriety and scope of copyright statutory damages in the situation.

UPDATE:  They opposed; we replied.

By Ron Coleman

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10 thoughts on “Righthaven – Media Bloggers Association files amicus brief”
  1. Great brief. I’ve been waiting for someone with sufficient stones to challenge these Righthaven bozos, and it’s nice to see you and Randazza team up all WWF style and give them a stiff poke in the eye.

    1. Thanks, Randall, and thanks, Robert. The Randazza team gets most of the credit here. It didn’t really take all that much, testosterone-wise, to do this, to be honest. But maybe men such as we just see it that way! 😉

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