The quick take on my credentials: I received a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in economics (and certificate in political economy) from Princeton University.  After graduating from Northwestern University School of Law I was admitted to practice in New York and New Jersey in 1989.  Since that time I have been admitted to federal trial and appellate courts all over the country.

I practiced at a number of law firms before settling in where I am now.  In those places I gained broad experience in commercial litigation — including trials, arbitrations and mediations — as well as copyright and trademark law and general business, IP, IT and Internet-related law.

In 2017 I appeared before the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of Simon Tam of The Slants, which resulted in the historic First Amendment ruling, Matal v. Tam, that struck down the law that allowed trademark registration to be denied if the mark was deemed to be “disparaging.”

Go to for a very comprehensive and up to date description of my credentials and experience as well as a number of client and peer reviews.  Extensive client reviews can be found at my LinkedIn profile. You can also see a representative sample of my written work and even some trial transcipts, at the JD Supra website.

With the understanding that you are NOT a client of our firm unless and until we enter into a retainer agreement — and that for this reason you should not, among other things,  transmit any confidential information or any communication you would only share with your lawyer — you may contact me if you would like to correspond regarding any aspect of our practice, including possibly representing you.

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