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The Fashion Law Institute’s annual symposium at Fordham Law School is this Friday, April 12, and I will be there — not just because beauty, but participating in a panel called, “Real Possibilities: Recent developments in fashion law.”

Here is the official panel description, tweaked for Family Hour and plus a link or two (because actually blogs are supposed to have those):

In other words, there are other speakers! Here, look — the whole lot of us, and the respective recent developments on which we will be presenting:

Fashion is all about new, now, next, and the law moves almost as fast as the industry. This lightning-round panel will keep you on the cutting edge of developing issues including how to navigate the transformed landscape of retail real estate and the counterintuitive resurgence of luxury malls; antitrust investigations in the U.S. and E.U.; trademark trials and tribulations ranging from the Brunetti case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court to ongoing litigation over retail resale and authenticity; competing cosmetics regulation bills under consideration in Congress; and the Federal Trade Commission’s entry into the debate over whether lab-grown diamonds are “real.”

  • MODERATOR: Adrienne Montes, Gabay & Bowler
  • Robin Gruber, Chanel – ongoing litigation against luxury retail resellers
  • Sara Yood, Jewelers Vigilance Committee – new FTC jewelry guides and last week’s FTC warning letters relevant to, inter alia, whether lab-grown diamonds can be called “real”
  • Claire Bing, Professor of Cosmetics Regulation at Fordham – cosmetics regulation bills pending in Congress
  • Aleksandra Petkovic, Shearman & Sterling – antitrust inquiries re: Amazon et al. in U.S. and E.U. 
  • Diana Bernal, Retail Consultant – how to navigate the changed luxury retail real estate landscape, incl. the somewhat counterintuitive appearance of new luxury malls in Manhattan, most recently Hudson Yards
  • Yours truly of Mandelbaum SalsburgBrunetti trademark case to be argued before SCOTUS on 4-15-19 (no cursing allowed on this panel!)

“Navigating the somewhat counterintuitive appearance.” Heh. I would come just for that! But the main thing is
fashion is all about new, now, next. And of course, so is LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION, right? Right?

Realness: Reality or not?

Well, anyway, there’s CLE credit for all this, plus a ton of other speakers including Names You Must Know, The other panels are, “Legal Realism: Designers’ IP and the ethics of attorney advertising” (sounds a little famliar, but there’s been a lot of water under the bridge since then!), “Keeping It Real: Streetwear, street art, cannabis, and the law of breaking the rules,” “Real Deals: Secrets of effective licensing and collaborations,” LUNCH (no CLE credit for that one but sounds fulfilling), “Hyperreality: AI, privacy, and virtual retail,” “Really? Dolce & Gabbana, Galliano, and other unfashionable faux pas” and RECEPTION, which should be well received. Register here already!

But will there be beautiful people? Please, darling! It’s the fashion law! In addition to Susan Scafidi, I promise you many, many beautiful people. So you’ll have no trouble picking out LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION!

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