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I am sure it was accurate, in some Ratherian sense … but it was fake, and the blogsphere did brilliantly what it does best: Caught it and called the fakers out. Kudos of a sort to Reuters for, unlike Dan and the People’s Commissariat of Propaganda at CBS, admitting the undeniable. Yes, that’s what we’re grateful for these days. Considering that outfit’s very checkered past, let’s not take small miracles for granted.

For better and frequently for worse, there is nothing like visual “proof” to convince people of something, but there is one thing we have learned: a picture is more amenable to double-checking than mere words. All of which raises the question: What fakeness — from Reuters and the usual suspects — are we not catching? And why ever are the “mistakes” always in one direction?

UPDATE: Instapundit, tanned, rested and ready, weighs in, along similar lines. Chris Muir, finally having taken a cold shower (or a relatively tepid one), finds the lighter side.

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