Scientology Cult Returns to its IP-Abusive Ways


Long Island (New York’s) Newsday newspaper reports that the wackos at Scientology have tried to shut down a website called which mocks the cult’s name along with cult member and platinum wacko Tom Cruise. According to the story, the Scientologists also sent a letter to another critical site, Truth About Scientology.

The U.S. Courts have long been handmaidens at assisting cults such as Scientology and wacko religions such as Jews for Jesus use the law to silence criticism. The most notorious is the series of legal actions that enabled Scientology to take over — lock, stock, barrel and domain-name — the Cult Awareness Network, which overstepped the bounds of a deprogramming job on one of its zombies. But the lawyer-heavy group makes generous use of the IP laws in quashing dissent, notably by suing, or threatening to sue, anyone who prints more of their founder’s dissembling nonsense than copyright fair use permits. Scientology even got the IRS to back off and finally issue a tax exemption to the cult as a religion in a settlement many have found fishy and which is surrounded by mystery.

This foray into trademark, however, is evidently something new. It won’t be as easy — copyright has a sharper teeth than trademark, notably statutory damages and the notice-and-takedown provisions of the DMCA, which don’t apply to trademark infringement (real or imagined). So far the websites have been standing fast — but then again, so did the Cult Awareness center. Something to watch, and worry about.

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3 thoughts on “Scientology Cult Returns to its IP-Abusive Ways”
  1. I’ve been suckered into this cult by their clever personality/psychology improvement campaign. They send out their drones to collect vulnerable naive suckers like me (i.e. in college, confused, and immature). Then they tried to brainwash me for over a year as part of their “cleansing” process. Any mention I made to “psychology” or “psychiatry” they would get highly irritated and basically put me on their version of time out (studying the dictionary and reviewing meanings of word in high level of detail).
    I dread every time they said “let’s muster”, this meant to me, regurgitating everything they brainwashed me with during their many hours of “programming”.
    Trying to get out of the cult was nearly impossible as they kept track of me in covert (and surely not legal methods). When I moved I tried to cover up my tracks but they always seemed to find me for years after.
    The final days I was there they upped their methods of keeping me in and trying to drain me of my finances (that’s what they love the most is your money). It felt like a jehovah meets car dealer meets prison warden; and voila it’s their upper ranks of scientologists with a higher level of “clear” (meaning they are more brainwashed then the rookie subordinates).
    Notice how smooth talking they are and only send out their best speakers for PR. If you say anything wrong look how irritated and angry they get. Is that a proper attribute of a “religious” person? When was the last time you said something derogatory about Judaism or Christianity and the Rabbi or Priest would lash out at you?

  2. […] Yes, it’s the Scientologists again (see Apr. 16, 2004; Mar. 25-26, 2002; Mar. 19-20, 2001; May 3, 2000). This time they’re threatening a New Zealand parody site named, which is thus named in honor of Scientology adherent Tom Cruise (via Matt Welch, Reason “Hit and Run”, Oct. 19, headline and all). More: Ron Coleman, Likelihood of Confusion, Oct. 22. […]

  3. He used 2 be sane. He used 2 be an excellent actor. Then he found Scientology, jumped backwards on Oprahs couch and blasted Brooke Shields 4 taking prescription drugs 4 post partum depression. He used 2 be one of the greats in Hollywood now hes just ur average run of the mill nutbar.

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