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Ver veist besser fun John?

John Welch recommends Secondary Trademark Infringement, the recent Bloomberg BNA treatise,  via his TTABlog®:

Jane Coleman’s online treatise has now evolved into a book published by Bloomberg BNA, and co-authored by Ms. Coleman and Griffith B. Price, Jr., entitled Secondary Trademark Infringement. [Read more and purchase it here]. . . .

Coleman and Price cover it all, from the development and evolution of the doctrine to its application to flea markets, landlords, franchisors and franchisees, credit card companies, and the Internet. The book is dividend into five Parts: I. Introduction; II. Contributory Trademark Infringement; III. The Expansion of the Inwood Labs Standard to the Service-Provider Context; IV. Vicarious Trademark Infringement; and V. Remedies. A list of the chapter headings reflects the comprehensive scope of the work.

The King of Bling
The King of Bling
  1. The Problem of Secondary Trademark Infringement
  2. Contributory Liability Doctrine
  3. The Elements of Contributory Liability Under Inwood Labs
  4. Contributory Liability for Other Forms of Trademark Infringement
  5. The Relationship between Secondary Trademark and Secondary Copyright Infringement Claims
  6. Introduction: Contributory Trademark Infringement in the Service-Provider Context
  7. Landlords
  8. Franchisors and Franchisees
  9. Trademark Infringement on the Internet
  10. Credit Card Companies and Related Services
  11. Vicarious Trademark Infringement
  12. Remedies

This well-researched and well-written treatise — the only treatise focusing on secondary trademark infringement — deserves a place on your trademark library shelf.

Now, unlike John most of us don’t have a trademark library, but you can trust me to trust him on this, despite my obvious shelf interest.

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