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The big law firm‘s sleepy but snazzy Intellectual Property Law Blog lists “The Top Ten Ways Copyright Law Can Mess Up Your Transaction.” I link to this here because:

  1. Too many small and medium-sized businesses come to me with IP disputes after they’ve cleverly saved money on legal fees in negotiating their “really simple deal” and realize that it’s not any simpler than building a Hummer in their back yard.
  2. Maybe you lot will read that article and go to a lawyer first. Go to Sheppard Mullin, whatever. I just want you to be happy. Whatever.
  3. Okay, not whatever. Come to me, not Sheppard Mullin.
  4. I can’t resist Top Ten lists.
  5. Islamophobia!
  6. And if you don’t go to a lawyer first, maybe you’ll be a little better off by reading their list. I mean, it’s free, right? You like free stuff.
  7. The IP beat is a ta-a-a-a-ad slow this week.
  8. You guessed it: There is no eighth reason.
  9. It’s well written. We’re supposed to promote the useful IP blogging arts here!
  10. I lost a bet with the head of Shepard Mullin over the SUPER BOWL! SUPER BOWL! SUPER BOWL!

Really, anyone can do this.

By Ron Coleman

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3 thoughts on “Sheppard Mullins’s Copyright Top Ten List”
  1. Mister Coleman,

    I’m not a lawyer, have no particular knowledge of nor interest in intellectual property law, but I read your blog regularly. I am not, I believe, insane.

    Your list linking to the other list reminded me of a passage in Paul Goldstein’s novel “Errors and Omissions” which reads in relevant part: “…We’re going to file in the Central district. We figure whatever district judge we draw, the Ninth Circuit will get it right on appeal….”

    That made me laugh.


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