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Fittycent seems to have a pretty good case here:

Rapper 50 Cent on Friday sued Internet advertising company Traffix Inc. for using his image without permission in the graphic “Shoot the Rapper” ad, which he says promotes violence and threatens his safety.

It’s one of these annoying click-through traps. Now, I can hardly imagine Fitty’s safety is really threatened, but this is of course a pretty clear violation of Curtis James Jackson III‘s right of publicity and probably some trademark rights.

What were these guys thinking? Talk about the disrespecting aspects of this situation. Ayt.

By Ron Coleman

LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION blog author Ron Coleman is a member of Dhillon Law Group in their New York City and Montclair, New Jersey offices. He is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Law and Princeton University.

3 thoughts on ““Shoot the rapper”?”
  1. The irony of course is in the idea that Rap does not promote violence, but an image of a rapper being shot, cartoonish as it may be, does.

    To state my position, I love violent video games, and revel in the excess violence found in the ballads of such bands as Radiohead, and Blonde Redhead…


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