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The National Law Journal, understandably skeptical about the U.S. News rankings, does its own analysis.

UPDATE: Huh! And they aren’t the only ones:

Paul Caron

For many prospective lawyers, the best strategy may be a careful evaluation of the regional job market in the area of the country where they want to work. If they are not competitive for admission into a national law school — or are sure they are not interested in corporate law — they can use their entering credentials to negotiate for a substantial tuition discount.

(Via Instapundit.) Yep. I said the same thing in the Princeton Review Pre-Law Companion years ago. But if as a reader of this blog you are interested in intellectual property, be careful with that advice: IP, especially non-patent, is generally included in the category of “corporate law” mentioned above. For most people the only chance to get near serious trademark work is in institutional law firms.

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