Starbucks blinks

Starbucks - EthiopiaBig Green gives in on the Ethiopia coffee-bean-name controversy. I guess if you talk the PC talk, you’ve got to walk it, too. The result will be higher prices for the coffee beans in question — Sidamo and Harar — at the farmer level. Will Starbucks “pass on” the extra cost to consumers? If it can, it will, of course. If it can’t, it won’t. And everything in between.


  • Speaking of Starbucks, I ordered a Venti White Chocolate Mocha this afternoon and the barista accidently gave me a Grande. When I mentioned this, he took it back, poured it into a Venti cup, topped it off with milk and whipped cream. When he gave it back he told me Starbucks little secret: a Venti White Chocolate Mocha is the same as a Grande White Chocolate Mocha, but only more diluted. Which makes me wonder, is the Grande the same as the Tall, but with more milk?

    Now I know why my lactose intolerance kicks in every time I order the Venti White Chocolate from Starbucks.

  • As long as your budget can tolerate Starbucks, you’re simply not going to get any sympathy, Alvin.

  • LOL, I wasn’t seeking sympathy. And NO, my budget can’t tolerate Starbucks. It’s a once in a blue moon treat : )