mdbheadshotfinalI, Matthew David Brozik, your dedicated lieutenant blawger, have written a novel.

Actually, I’ve written three. And, also, this one—Taking Ivy Seriously—is really a novella, as it weighs in at 42,000 words… but I selected each of those words carefully. And now I want you to read my novella. Indeed, I want everyone to read it, which is why I’m giving it away. For free. Right now.

The catch? It’s an eBook. That’s not much of a catch, though, because you don’t even need a Kindle device to read it! You can read it on any device with Amazon’s Kindle reading apps (also free).

Look! An infographic!
Look! An infographic!

Why would you be interested in Taking Ivy Seriously? Maybe because the plot centers around a protagonist whose bad poems are taken by the U.S. government. Her intellectual property is condemned—in the eminent domain sense—by the United States Postal Service, of all institutions. Just what’s going on here?! Well, that’s what Ivy and company set out to find out. Did I mention it’s humorous? It is. It’s darned funny.

To recap:

Taking Ivy Seriously

Funny. Witty. Weightless.

Free (September 2-6, 2013)!

You’ll love it… or your money back.

And if you like it, you’ll review it on Amazon, maybe, and perhaps on Goodreads as well, and you’ll recommend it to your friends, why not?

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