Talk about your business method patents!

Sander Gelsing, Canadian Patent and Trademark Trade Mark Lawyer, picks up on a doozy.

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Ron Coleman

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8 Replies to “Talk about your business method patents!

  1. You would think with godly powers you wouldn’t need an artificial monopoly grant. Couldn’t this guy just deem godly power onto himself and banish others to hell who would dare infringe?

    Thanks for the link.

  2. Thank you for providing one of the greatest examples of bureaucratic stupidity ever stamped [APPROVED] by lazy people led by disinterested supervisors. I only hope Roller was motivated by the impression his patent imprinted upon my psyche.

  3. Alvin, maybe he did, and we won’t find out till it’s too late. Not every deity is benevolent, after all.

    He could still want the certificate — you know, for investors and stuff.

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