You might want to click through and read the whole exchange between me and a few interested (and interesting) friends last night about the trademark news of the day, if that stuff intrigues you at all after the deluge, or just for laughs.

Here are other places people have talked about the case since the last roundup: Ars Technica; Eugene Volokh; The Washington Post; Forbes — an article that makes important points omitted in most non-legal publications; IP Watchdog; The National Law Review; TTABlog, of course; Duets Blog; Eric Goldman; and I really don’t get the point of why I’m doing this. It’s a famous case, and they’re mostly saying the same thing.

UPDATE:  Lawrence E. Ashery of Caesar Rivise actually doesn’t say the same thing as everyone else; he actually gets what everyone else missed, and which I come to terms with here.  Yes, this is kind of hidden.  That’s how it’s going to be.

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