Ten Commandments Achieve Creche Status

We’ve been patiently waiting for this one, and the decision is out, and evidently it’s a doozy!

Court Splits on Ten Commandments Displays

Says the story:

[T]he high court said that displays of the Ten Commandments–like their own courtroom frieze–are not inherently unconstitutional. But each exhibit demands scrutiny to determine whether it goes too far in amounting to a governmental promotion of religion, the court said in a case involving Kentucky courthouse exhibits.

SCOTUS 2005: The gang that can’t shoot straight.

OK, all kidding aside, this outcome sounds like it just might be the right one. But “politically” speaking, considering the patchwork mess this court has made of its jurisprudence lately, this “nuanced” opinion wasn’t exactly the kind of “Thou Shalt Not” or “Thou Shalt” we were looking for.

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3 thoughts on “Ten Commandments Achieve Creche Status”
  1. I’m surprised you didn’t include this gem from Scalia’s dissent in the Kentucky case:

    “With respect to public acknowledgment of religious belief, it is entirely
    clear from our Nations historical practices that the Establishment Clause
    permits this disregard of polytheists and believers in unconcerned deities, just
    as it permits the disregard of devout atheists.”

    That has to be the quote of the day!

  2. I like this line from your post “this ‘nuanced’ opinion wasn’t exactly the kind of ‘Thou Shalt Not’ or ‘Thou Shalt’ we were looking for” given the Court’s redefinition of “shall” in Castle Rock

    I wouldn’t be looking for “shalls” and “shalts” in the immediate future. 🙂

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