John Welch of the TTABlog
Ver veist besser fun John?

Unsurprisingly, you have to strain just to pick up this nugget in a TTABlog® post from last Friday about the latest exciting edition of the Trademark Reporter:

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the birth of The TTABlog. . .

Ten years ago I was (figuratively) rubbing elbows with Leo Stoller (remember him?), the subject of my first blog post. Now I’m in a much better place. So was all that blogging worthwhile? No doubt about it.

And that’s it, huh?


Not just because LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® will be marking its tenth anniversary in a couple of months and intends to be a lot less discreet and dignified about it. And not just because John makes the point, without further detail, that it was all worth it; I, of course, provide lots of detail on that notion (though he may have entirely different considerations in mind).

No, the reason this seemingly incidental point is entitled to attention is the obvious one:

The TTABlog® is a great blog.  It has been one for ten years — an outstanding accomplishment.  Shame on me, by the way, for missing the 10th anniversary of the Trademark Blog; on the other hand, that was two years ago, far past the statute of lamentations.

Above: The Trademark Law Firm Too Frightening to Conceive
The trademark law firm that’s too frightening to conceive

But back to our current decennial.  The fact is, while ten years is a great run for a great blog, it is  far longer than that (he wouldn’t want me to say) that John Welch been a great trademark lawyer.

And he has been a great guy since, obviously, forever.  I will always be grateful for his and Marty Schwimmer’s invitation into the, um, pantheon-kind-of-thing in connection with the INTA Meet the Bloggers events; for John’s steady and dependable counsel on PTO and TTAB matters on the drop of a dime and often for even less recompense than that; for his unerring judgment in reviewing legal treatises; and for talking to me at INTA events so it looks like I have a friend there among all the muckety-mucks.

Which, in fact, I do!  Thanks for being one of them, John, and happy tenth anniversary to the TTABlog®!

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