Via Carl Oppedahl:

Medals! We get medals!

If you attend the AIPLA meeting May 12-14, or the INTA meeting May 14-18, you will probably see people with meeting badges having this spiffy ribbon attached. The code on the ribbon, called a “QR” code, permits smartphone owners to scan the code and open a web page explaining how to join E-Trademarks-L.

E-Trademarks-L (“ETL”) has become the new home for many trademark practitioners who belonged to the now-defunct TMTopics email listserv, which was shut down by INTA in December of 2010. ETL is a listserv that was chartered in 2009 for discussions of the trademark e-commerce systems of the USPTO and WIPO, and which expanded its charter in January of 2011 to cover all of the areas that had been discussed within TMTopics. ETL has by now grown to well over 350 members, including some USPTO people.

On May 15, 2011 ETL will have its first annual in-person gathering in San Francisco. If you will be attending the AIPLA or INTA meeting, or if you will be in San Francisco that day for some other reason, you may wish to join ETL and attend the gathering. You can also receive one of the spiffy ribbons to attach to your badge!

To learn more about ETL, scan the QR code with your smartphone, or visit .

I urge you to join the list and, if you can get to San Francisco that early on Sunday (I don’t think I can, being all the way on the other side), to join the fun.

By Ron Coleman

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