The IP Election (Infographic)

I mentioned in an earlier post that I would revisit the issue of which presidential candidate was a “better IP” candidate.

This is that visit.  It took a little time and a hurricane to get here, kind of, and of course SOPA and PIPA are not the only IP issues of concern.  But this is, as I promised, something to talk about.

2012: The IP Election - Infographic

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7 thoughts on “The IP Election (Infographic)”
  1. Does this mean you’re pro-SOPA, Ron?

    I liken this to the copyright act of 1909 … it got passed because Google didn’t exist. Today, you can crowd source opposition to any new regulation which directly effects in the internet.

  2. Dell isn’t a supporter of SOPA/PIPA. For such a “in-depth” and “pretty” poster I wonder if the rest of it accurate. Who else is misrepresented?

    1. For such an “in depth” and “obnoxious” comment I’d think you’d cite a source for your assertion. In fact the Business Software Alliance officially withdrew their initial support in late 2011, and Dell is a member of it. But not everyone considers that withdrawal of support particularly clear. Maybe you have a better source for your statement, which I invite you to share. You don’t have to share the source for whatever else it is that’s eating you up.

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