The First Amendment has all kinds of things

Including freedom of religion. I talk about my latest (not my first) adventure with it, in association with the great Harmeet Dhillon and her Center for American Liberty, in the video embedded in this tweet:

Here is the complaint:

Here is the brief:

Here is the order to show cause:

And here is the latest (as of Thursday PM) wrangling, which, thank God, went OK for us.

UPDATE: Wheels, grinding slowly:

Here is the transcript on the oral argument on this preliminary hearing:

UPDATE, as of Saturday night an order in a similar, but not the same, case before another New Jersey federal judge denying the State’s motion to consolidate our case with that one, which was opposed by the plaintiffs in that case and would have been opposed by our plaintiffs, too:

This is kind of interesting, too. A motion by Americans United for Separation of Church and State to appear as amicus curiae; our opposition; the court’s denial of the motion, handed down this afternoon, Tuesday, June 9th:

New, Wednesday morning:

Here’s the order. We are talking about it.

UPDATE: Our clients have determined to proceed with the litigation.

UPDATE, Friday: We filed this yesterday…

And this is the response brief from the State defendants:

And that’s all she — we, they, everyone — wrote. The hearing is Monday morning at 9:30 via Zoom.


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