The holy grail of Internet privacy

Pajamas Media reports on two stories claimng that a new Firefox variant (remember, Firefox is open source, so you can roll your own) will allow anonymous browsing — in effect building the functionality of anonymizer software into the application itself.

Anonymous browsing isn’t only for the overheated and the oppressed.  In fact, all things being equal, those in the first category probably don’t have to worry about who is watching, because, well, frankly, no one cares; and those in the second category would do well not to rely on software in life-and-death situations unless, perhaps, they really know what they’re doing.  But in my own legal practice, which frequently involves monitoring and analyzing the the goings-on at websites that are unusually security-sensitive (such as those of sophisticated trademark counterfeiters), I have resorted to anonymizing software so that the monitor himself is not monitored.  Another arrow in the quiver could’t hurt.

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