The poetry of the Lanham Act

West Side anglesYehuda, an Israeli blogger who blogs on board games and gaming, presents the Lanham Act in verse.  A taste:

If you own a mark that’s
Really used in commerce
Pay heed to the directions
Written down in this verse

You must “own” the trade-mark
(Though it doesn’t say how)
And you must promise to use it
Or be using it now

It is to weep.

By Ron Coleman

I write this blog.

One thought on “The poetry of the Lanham Act”
  1. […] Yehuda Berlinger, whose poetic version of the Lanham Act we linked to anon, also did the Copyright Act last summer.  Somehow I missed it, but since then I’ve been doing a lot more copyright litigation anyway, so I can use it now.  Hat tip to Rob Hyndman.  Excerpt (the numbers refer to the code sections): 1321 […]

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