The science of brand management

This looks quite interesting:

Tom Crandall’s SEM Report Card – Evaluating Brand Protection Online & Search Engine Marketing For Brands.

Crandall is CEO of a brand management company called Ayohwahr Interactive — an oddly awful name for a company that consults on branding. But the blog seems quite good.


  • BrandingChick

    That company name is odd.. but so was the name Lycos, Google, and Godaddy at some point. 🙂

  • Yep. But you have to ask yourself, what are the odds of this name “catching on?,” and on this score I think they are low indeed. Google resonated with “gogol,” and alludes to tackling a very large quantitative task. Go Daddy certainly comprehensible. And Lycos, while it just sounds like a Greek word, you can “get” at first hearing.

    Just my widdle opinion.