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Who knew someone would find a way to “school” Americans on annoying noises?

There’s lots of stuff I don’t know, believe me.  One of them is, what’s all this I hear about disputes concerning the IP rights in, around and with respect to  …


I still don’t know.  I don’t watch soccer.  I don’t like it.  I don’t acknowledge that it is properly referred to as “football” in the American language.  I don’t care about who wins the World Cup, as long as the people who do care don’t have their riots in my neighborhood.

Vuvuzelas 1
Caldwella [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

But the Pittsburgh Trademark guy is, as his city of affiliation would suggest, a lot hardier than I am, including when it comes to his willingness to delve into this burning issue.  (Well, he is also a lot younger.  What’s your point.)  So:  Who “owns” the Vuvuzula?  And, if you are the sort who calls it “football” (I have readers like that?), you’ll certainly want to know what the Europeans think about that (hat tip to Fred — yeah, as in Frederique… of course… ) — since they’re, you know, so European and all.

Vuvuzula?  Gesundheit!

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  1. Okay, maybe I am “hardier,” Ron. And maybe my Pittsburgher status has something to do with it. I do, however, shudder to think what a Steelers’ home game would be like with 60,000 or so black and gold vuvuzelas sounding off.

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