There’s no haven like Righthaven

PayOn June 7th I will be on a panel discussing the Righthaven litigation and the concept of “mass copyright infringement campaigns” — they weren’t, after all invented by Righthaven — at the annual meeting of the Copyright Society of the U.S.A along with Steven Gibson of Righthaven in Bolten’s Landing, New York.  Our talk will be moderated by Stacey L. Dogan of Boston University School of Law. I first blogged about Righthaven and Gibson here, not necessarily saying what you’d think I’d say.  I subsequently got involved in one Righthaven case, on behalf of the Media Blogger’s Association, at the urging of Marc Randazza and in connection with a favorite topic of mine:  The misuse of statutory copyright damages.

Should be some fun!

UPDATE:  Our brief out in Nevada is noticed by a newspaper from around here.

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