Editor and Publisher reports about the canning (“resignation” following a “suspension”) of the tasteful gent who ran that front-page story that New Yorkers saw staring out of newspaper boxes: “Funniest Things About the Upcoming Death of the Pope” in the New York Press, “New York’s Premier Alternative Newspaper.”

Hey, what happened to the Village Voice?! The Voice, it appears, is actually “New York’s most influential must-read alternative newspaper.” Both papers (the premier and the must-read) share one objective quality:  They’re free.

Anyway. Guy was fired because the publisher needed a goat to sacrifice when the story blew up. (I was about two blocks from St. Patrick’s Cathedral when I first saw the paper. There are over a million Catholics in New York City.) That’s the publisher’s right. No government made him do it; the First Amendment is not implicated. So let’s just don’t go there.

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