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Susan Scafidi reports:

If Dad says no, ask Mom. And if the Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York says no, ask the 2nd Circuit.

As expected, Tiffany has filed a notice of appeal of its loss last month to eBay in a lawsuit alleging, among other things, that eBay should bear more responsibility for shutting down hundreds of thousands of listings for counterfeit Tiffany silver jewelry. . . .

eBay may have won a bit of a Pyrrhic victory. Yes, it has avoided the legal responsibility and cost of policing Tiffany’s (and others’) trademarks, at least for now, but at the expense of being identified as a site where counterfeits may outnumber the real thing and the official policy is “caveat emptor.”

Yes — which we’ve always found a bit obnoxious, considering the profit margins. As Susan points out in another recent item, back in the market where they actually kind of speak Latin — Europe — that argument is not selling so well.

By Ron Coleman

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