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Now this is interesting! The Denver Post is reporting:

A Colorado company that owns dating website lovecity.com has sued Yahoo, claiming the Internet giant improperly used a trademark domain name to direct consumers looking for lovecity on Google to Yahoo’s dating site.

If these allegations are true, it’s really Christmas in July (just about right time of year, too!) for Likelihood of Confusion and our ilk! Oh, what a merry, merry bit of litigation that would be! Let me get this straight: Yahoo! buying search terms on Google… to redirect users searching for a third website, which competes with Yahoo!, and whose name is evidently a trademark… It’s too good to be true. Trademark infringement, unfair competition, fair use, intereference with prospective economic advantage, who-knows-what- terms-of-use-based claims… exploding cars! Michael Jordan! 83-year yard passes! It’s chocolate syrup on top of chocolate-chocolate-chip ice cream — but no calories, of course! And you’re eating it in Hawaii! And all the hair on top of your head’s grown back, too! Not that it matters, because you wear a cap… while performing your new job as centerfielder for the Yankees!!!!


Hat tip to Search Engine Watch.

UPDATE:  Evan Brown writes in, sends the complaint (which I’ve scanned via OCR here) and comments, “You can tell plaintiff’s counsel is a trademark expert from paragraph 2, in which it alleges that a mark registered in 1999 has been renewed.  Bless their hearts….”  Meow!!

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