(First posted February 28, 2007)

GI Joe

The Strategic Name Development Product Naming Blog explains how old toy standards from the eras when today’s moms and dads of toy-age children grew up — the eighties and nineties — are being repositioned, rebranded, and retooled to cash in on deep-seated formative-year brand-equity. In other words, we want our kids to play more or less with the same toys we did, and better. And more.

Looks like our generation, following on the heels of the baby boomers, is going to make self-reference and nostalgia for a supposedly more innocent past (the ’70’s?! yeah, probably) a long-term proposition. Considering the financial up side for old toy favorites and the brands that cluster around them, that’s very good news for the owners of trademarks and copyrights in these items. And with any luck, in another quarter-century or so we’ll cycle through it again.

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