Trademark Drink and Eat

In February, 2011 I wrote about Trademark™, a design studio with the domain name  I was looking to refer back to that post because I wanted to link to it, as I have just done, as a springboard for commenting on this review of a restaurant called Trademark Drink and Eat.  It’s located in lovely Alexandria, Virginia, right near the bustling word headquarters, full of hungry trademark people, of the USPTO.  And I like the idea of TRADEMARK trademarks.

Perfect!  Except I couldn’t remember how to find that post.  Let’s just stay that doing a search for the word “trademark’ on LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® will get you a lot of hits.  I remembered something about “design,” however.  Still no dice, so I did a search on Google for “trademark” and “design.”

I eventually found the place, and the post, but I found some other interesting things too:

Don’t ask me if I see any LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION across any of these axes here.  It’s complicated.

UPDATE:  Did someone say TRADEMARK?

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