Trademark trouble for posturing peaceniks?

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Harvey of IMAO is on top of what promises to be a huge — record-setting, perhaps — IP story:

While attempting to create the world’s largest peace sign, festival-goers in Ithaca, NY, created the world’s largest Mercedes sign by mistake.

5814 participants gathered to form the familiar symbol of pacifist activism, but – through either oversight or stupidity – only formed three of the four radii required to create a traditional peace sign. Since the missing radius was the lower center line, the symbol they formed was actually the trademark hood ornament of the Mercedes-Benz automobile – a quality German luxury car since 1926 – rather than the anti-war symbol created by a British nuclear disarmament protestor in 1958.

No doubt the Mercedes legal team is drawing up papers to protect its trademark right now.

By Ron Coleman

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