Trust us, we’re the press (again)

Mickey Kaus:

On “Good Morning America,” ABC News’ Jessica Yellin reported, “It is just terrible timing for the White House. Just as there are signs that the President’s poll numbers are starting to rise, leaked portions of the classified report are turning the attention back to the key issue that has dragged down the President’s Administration and his party, the war in Iraq.” [E.A.]

Yes, it’s such terrible bad luck that these anti-GOP stories and leaks just happened to surface a few weeks before the election! … [Are you saying the press shouldn’t report this stuff?–ed No. WaPo’s “doughnut” story was excellent. I’m saying sophisticated political reporters covering the impact of these stories shouldn’t pretend there’s any luck or mystery to their timing, It’s a disingenuous pose designed to heighten their impact.] 1:17 P.M.

And that’s why you don’t get or need a license to practice journalism.

By Ron Coleman

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