Trying to Google the genie back into the bottle

The UK Independent reports that Google is waking up to its Google-as-verb problem. Here’s a similar report in the Washington Post. Why did Google wait so long? I am sure it has its reasons; I’m tempted to spend some time Googling to see what other people think, but you can Google it, yourselves.

UPDATE: Most in-depth analysis I’ve seen, from Search Engine Watch. An odd case that sounds like “do what I say, not what I tell you to do.”  And a roundup of “bemused” (?) reaction from the blogosphere.

By Ron Coleman

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One thought on “Trying to Google the genie back into the bottle”
  1. […] My only little observation is this: Google is number one — an extraordinary achievement, indeed, considering that some of these brands are over a century old. Yet it is also the only one that is at serious risk of becoming no brand (i.e., trademark) at all, despite its own belated efforts. And — tell me if I’m wrong; I don’t have the time to do the homework — it seems to be the only one that is not itself a registered trademark? […]

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