Should there be a “blogger code of conduct“?

Bloggers are facing some high-profile peer pressure to please be a little more polite. Blogs, online journal-style Web sites, are growing in popularity on the Internet and so has the bad posting behavior that has sparked a call for a code of conduct. . . .
Reilly, the innovator behind the term Web 2.0., recently posted the code’s first draft on his own site and on, which is run by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

The code includes a civility enforced standard that agrees not to post abusive, harassing, libelous, false or threatening comments. Content could not be used to stalk others.

Instapundit acknowledges the discussion, as well as the virtually certain vanity of it all. He suggests he’s ahead of the curve, and perhaps he is; but I was already waiting for him there with a length of pipe.

On the other hand, we are working on such a thing at the Media Bloggers Association, and adherence to it would be a condition of membership and access to benefits. We’ll get back to you when we solid up the benefits part, though.

Probably the best approach is the one suggested by Hank.

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By Ron Coleman

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