Queens Supreme Court
Shoot me if you ever see me walk up the stairs of THIS courthouse!

It’s just me, just saying.

In the last month I’ve been, as we say, underwater with both religious observances and litigation.  A whole lot of litigation — cases in state courts, federal courts; New York, New Jersey, California, Florida; copyright, trademark, other torts of competition, laughable RICO claims, and good old commercial litigation; motions, briefs and it looked like a trial too, but we settled that today.

I haven’t forgotten preparing fresh posts for LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®! Just sometimes you have to work.

It’s better when it’s a lot of time, mostly.

There’s more work ahead, but we’ll blog some, too.  We always do!

UPDATE:  Another little thought, by the way.

Trademark lawyer Ron ColemanNothing would be easier than just throwing up a blog post — why, every day, or more — of the fact that someone sued someone else claiming trademark infringement.  I’m not even counting the truly preposterous trademark claims that are just thrown onto routine contract and business disputes or used increasingly as a sham “federal question” hook to evade Section 230 of the DMCA.  I mean real trademark claims, the one that clog my Google Alerts all day.

That’s not news, to me, unless it’s my client.  I could post more posts by just writing squibs on those lawsuits.  “Hey, Joe sued Shmoe!  Whaddya know!”

Not that there’s anything actually “wrong” with that.  But I have more respect for my readers than relying on such material.  You knew this already, of course.


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