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There’s a lot going on here for Facebook — and others — to worry about:

European “hate speech” regulation and obeisance to Islamic political and social goals are in isolation bad for America, because they amount to de facto government censorship in the US of multinational social media platforms. The First Amendment can’t prot us from this.

On the other hand, the Europeans do care about anticompetitive conduct by these companies as well as privacy, which neither Congress note the Executive branch in the US seem to have any interest in (or have been bought out of acting on).

European politicians are certainly as easy to buy as ours. But because they’re not all that interested in free speech – certainly compared to US doctrine – or all that shy about social and economic regulation of business, European political culture is just more oriented to take action against Facebook, Google & Twitter.

Because of this, and it is disappointing to admit it, but Europe just might save Americans’ free speech and effectively our democracy by its willingness to act against Facebook and friends – and “globalism” might end up being the lever by which it does so.

But I doubt it.

(Originally a tweet thread found here, where there might also insightful responses.  But I doubt it.) (Kidding!)

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