Do you like defamation cases?

Cases involving blogging and social media?

Patterico Public Enemy No. 1

How about SLAPP motions in cases involving defamation and blogging and social media and Patterico?!

And what if they’re cases involving Patterico and Popehat and LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®?  (The case is in California, but I was in charge of punctuation and adjectives!)

Then click here already!

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By Ron Coleman

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2 thoughts on “I’m with Popehat”
  1. I’m a fan of cases that should never have been filed–where the plaintiff would have been better advised and better off opting not to make legal threats and especially not following through on those threats. I’d be keeping an eye on this one even if I weren’t already following the Patterico/Swatting saga.

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