People always want to know about the value of a successful blog for lawyers.  They want insight, tips, theory, strategy, and sometimes they ask me for those things, because they think I have a successful blog.  And perhaps I do.

What I often tell them, however, is that they first have to come to terms with whether or not they can write.  Because while it is clear that workmanlike prose is by no means a bar to an immensely more remunerative legal career than mine, if you can’t write good no one will read your blog.

That’s assuming you have to something to say, of course.  But let’s grant that after five, ten or 20 years out, you do; and you have the guts to say it; and you have the time to tend to a blog both for the long haul and on a frequent enough basis to justify visitors’ return visits.

Assuming all that, do you know how to write?

David Krell

David Krell, despite the burden of one or two law degrees, knows how to write.  Check out his blog, and consider attending his Write This Way seminars for across-the-board improvement in your scrivening. Because not everyone’s a natural, and those who are — well, we are the most dangerous of all, aren’t we?

By Ron Coleman

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