YouTube: Criticize Islam? Now that’s offensive. reports that an atheist contributor to YouTube whose anti-Christian rants raised nary a Google’d eyebrow had his plug pulled when he started tussling with the Musselmen: “Christians who want similar consideration from Google,” says Glenn Reynolds, “will presumably have to start blowing things up and beheading people.”

UPDATE:  Here‘s the video.  I don’t endorse mocking serious religious beliefs.  I’m sure this guy thinks little of mine.  The issue is the evenhandedness, or lack of it, from YouTube.

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By Ron Coleman

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One thought on “YouTube: Criticize Islam? Now that’s offensive.”
  1. Wake up America!

    Every day, in 60,000 Wahabi schools, millions of children hear voices of hate and intolerance. Many wipe their shoes on American and Israeli flags at the entrances. Inside, they learn that jihad, holy war against nonbelievers, is an obligation of every Muslim.

    Every eight minutes, a new mosque opens somewhere. Inside, Muslims hear fanatical voices calling Allah the only true God and Muhammad his messenger, declaring that Jews and Christians worship false gods and claiming that Allah has ordered that these infidels be eliminated. All then face Mecca and pray that Sharia Law be imposed worldwide.

    In Western schools, children make no mention of their creator. America, once “one nation, under God,” yields to the ACLU, while U.S. churches and synagogues are more empty every weekend. In Western universities, Islamic studies flourish, while some professors condemn their own leaders as terrorists and others declare the Bush administration implicit in 9/11.
    Meanwhile, jihadists’ voices are overheard chuckling in their caves, as they become increasingly confident of ultimate victory. Iran’s president blatantly foretells the destruction of Israel and America, as he chairs a conference denying the Holocaust.Hamas and Hezbollah leaders inspire thousands of voices to shout “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” and demand that Jews be brought to the marketplace for slaughter.

    On thousands of jihadist Web sites and Al-Jazeera TV, countless millions hear the vile voice of Ayman al-Zawahiri, who hides in caves, preparing audiotapes. Muslims also hear voices of U.S. senators and Hollywood personalities, calling President Bush a liar, equating him to Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and Pol Pot, and accusing Americans of torturing Muslim prisoners.

    These same prisoners demand that their toilets be reoriented to face Mecca while they pray for their captors’ deaths. Their voices result in millions of dollars spent on new commodes, Qurans, special food and prayer rugs. In U.S. prisons, felons hear voices from the Quran and serve as loyal Muslims once released.

    On Western city streets, Muslim extremists cry “death” to their own nations, exercising free-speech rights secured by the blood of fallen soldiers. Other protesters call for the U.S. to leave Iraq, the ultimate goal of every American. No voice is raised for Mideast peace, for all know that our withdrawal will make Darfur, by comparison, seem like a health spa.
    Throughout the Western and Muslim worlds, there is deafening silence from those believing jihad must be defeated. By their silence, they are rendered irrelevant. Jihadists again take delight, envisioning a far-reaching Taliban nation, with the Caliphate resurrected, this time in “Babylon,” with access to weapons of mass destruction, oil, millions of new recruits and all European cities.

    Pseudo secularists, phony liberals, bogus intellectuals and left over leftists have made an unholy alliance with Islamofascists to present dangerous Islamic values as compatible with our values. How could they align with Muslim terrorists who threaten our freedom and threaten to kill us for speaking our mind? Remember, Muslims around the world are willing to murder peace loving people for the sake of Islam. Don’t we have the right to Judge Mohamed and Islamic leaders according to the best moral standards we know of? Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Algeria are doing exactly what Mohamed has done. Why these Islamic leaders wanted Jews and non Muslims killed? Is it not time to stop this atrocious Islamic nonsense?

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